GSA conducts the service of selective collection of glass "door to door" in Seville catering establishments, especially in the old town.

GSA in collaboration with Ecovidrio service "door to door" dedicated to collecting glass for recycling in more than 300 establishments in the historic Seville. We conducted this report to show you the development of the service.

The day begins when the team goes through the various partner establishments collecting green containers, in which hospitality professionals deposited glass.

When the vehicle is complete congregate at the meeting point, where vans are unloaded containers are filled and emptied into the container truck. Then empty containers are cleaned and then are exchanged in different establishments by other filled containers.

When the container is fully loaded truck glass, deposits the load in Cuba, when turn is full, will be transferred to the specialist center starting the next part of the recycling process.

Selective Collection "Door to Door" in the historical district of a city, is a complicated process. GSA combines service needs with the needs and characteristics of each zone and each establishment.

Our fleet of vehicles specialized in waste collection and transfer, together with the experience of our professionals, guarantee the optimization of this project together with Ecovidrio, entrepreneurs and citizens, make GSA continue its commitment to #fabricar future.