"Point Recycling GSA-Zone" has once again become a success at the 40th Half Marathon Sevilla-Los Palacios held on Sunday 16 December.

This is the third consecutive year that the city of Los Palacios has maintained the "Recycles runnin 'initiative based on" Point Recycling GSA-Zone ". GSA an idea that got underway in the half marathon in 2016, making it a pioneering project, which reconciles sport with recycling.

GSA team starts several hours before the sporting event to organize the various recycling points which are runners along the 21 kilometers, near the refreshment points.

These points, managed by the GSA staff, serve the broker deposit bottles used without stopping their rate of participation. At the end of the marathon GSA personnel removed the containers, removing the various recycling points, leaving clean all the test environment.

GSA maintains a link with the half marathon, as it is also a sponsor of it and the team running the company participates each year in the test.

Address both GSA and the City of Los Palacios, they have received this year many congratulations for this initiative, in which both entities show their interest and commitment to environmental care. The City of Los Palacios y Villafranca, publicly acknowledged the involvement of GSA in the half marathon at the presentation ceremony that took place last October.

GSA has a strong commitment to promoting respect for our environment and environmental education; why it is continually involved with promoting information and awareness events good environmental practices. As reflected in the slogan "Making Future"