GSA attended the Second Half Marathon City Utrera, thanks to several members of the company.

Sunday 22 October, GSA company employees participated in the Second Half Marathon Utrera, representing GSA with its blue sports equipment. The participating team consisted of workers from different areas of the company running enthusiasts.

The test started at ten o'clock in the Paseo de Consolation, at the height of the pavilion "Pepe Alvarez" with about 600 participants.

Again this year accompanied by a more typical summer weather of autumn, the team running GSA made the journey that the organization had planned for different areas of the urban area of ​​the city, passing through several enclaves of Utrera Monumental, as the neighborhood Santa Maria, the Santiago Niño lost, Arco de la Villa, the Castle and the Sanctuary of Consolation environment where testing began and ended.

A new experience in which GSA remains committed to the health and quality of life.