GSA Guadaira Environmental Services, has carried out the selective collection of glass in the village of El Rocío Pilgrimage during 2017.

This year again, GSA professionals have been responsible for performing control and selective collection of glass in the rociera village. Ecovidrio project by the Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning, the Provincial Council of Huelva and the Andalusian Federation of Municipalities, has returned to help in caring for the environment of the marshland village.

As every year, Ecovidrio has conducted an information campaign and GSA has provided containers to deposit the glass separating it from other waste stream brotherhoods who participated in the important task of recycling.

GSA's Environmental Services team, made every day, collecting door to door in the houses of the brotherhoods. Removing the recycling bin to deposit glass containers placed in the village and then we proceeded to the collection of glass deposited in these containers.

The GSA staff working as part of Ecovidrio gear ensures a professional and careful that the whole process of recycling service. Helping to keep the environment in good condition.