GSA Guadaira Environmental Services, re-signed with the ABERTIS Group, matching closing fences in seven Spanish highways.

GSA again be awarded a major contract with Abertis group, an international leader in highway management. This time the contract is the adequacy of closing fences on the following highways:

Renewing closing fences:

Km 16 Autopista AP-4 (Seville - Cadiz).

10 Km in AP-7 (Tarragona-Valencia - Alicante).

5 Km in AP-71 (León Astorga).

20 Km Highway AP-6 (Madrid - Coruña), which also includes the mesh adaptation by anti drop in AP-61 and AP-51 motorways.

36 Km in ACESA (Motorways AP-7 and AP-2) with the adequacy and placement of anchors Fenox.

8 Km in AUCAT (Highway C-32 South), also with the adjustment and placement of anchors Fenox.

12 Km in INVICAT (Autopista Norte C-32 and C-33), like the previous two, with matching and placement of anchors Fenox.

ABERTIS, is a world leader in managing highways. This second contract strengthens confidence in GSA ABERTIS group, Guadaira Environmental Services.