GSA company, was in charge of recycling in the Second Edition of interstellar Festival of Sevilla, one of the appointments with music, most important in Andalusia.

Second Festival organization interstellar Seville, had GSA, Environmental Services, to carry out the selective collection, glass, packaging and RCU. Our company also conducted through Ecoembe the collection of paper and cardboard.

For four days, a team of GSA, conducted the appropriate work for the enclosure Centro Andaluz de Arte Contemporaneo (Monastery of La Cartuja), was maintained in good condition. Bearing in mind that fulfills his 25 years as one of the most important artistic and cultural areas of the city.

The Festival had more than 20,000 attendees, comprising a poster 57 groups, 20 of them Andalusian, acting on four stages.

Segou David Sánchez, director of the festival, "One of the main differentiations is the enclosure. Seville has a space and would like to have all the Spanish cities, and that makes you have to be very careful with the environment and existing infrastructure. For us it is very important recycling and that space is always in perfect condition. "

GSA to it that they were, in their commitment to the care of such a significant venue for the province and the organization of interstellar who deposited their trust in us.