The company GSA, remove the glass from a total of 124 hotel establishments of Marbella, where 3,500 tons of glass are recycled annually, exceeding the regional and national average.

GSA, Environmental Services, is responsible for the collection of glass "door to door" in Puerto Banus, Puerto Deportivo de Marbella, Casco Histórico and San Pedro de Alcántara.

A total of 124 catering establishments, have joined this new service had in Marbella, the City Hall, the Commonwealth of the Costa del Sol and Ecovidrio entity.

The idea of ​​starting this service is to continue promoting recycling and the number of businesses involved, multiply, given that, on the Costa del Sol, rose 3.5 percent, glass collection 2016.

In Marbella, 3,500 tons of glass per year, 24 kilos per person, a figure that doubles the Spanish media are recycled. With this service, it is estimated to be collected about 60,000 Kg. Glass per month, indicating that the public is increasingly concerned about the importance of recycling. Therefore, both the representative of the City Council and the Commonwealth, agreed on the importance of having a "good pick-up of containers" to give a good answer to citizens.

GSA takes part in this project, which is another step in promoting recycling. To this end, it has distributed 174 containers in which hoteliers can deposit glass.

According to the manager of GSA, Pedro Caraballo, "From our company we will put all of us, and always hand Ecovidrio, we will continue to improve collections, increasing recycling levels in all municipalities where we work and" manufacturing future "day. Manager GSA also wanted to thank once again the trust in the company, reinforcing its commitment to the recycling commitment, respect and care for the environment.