GSA company has managed the bidding company AENA for the adequacy of security fencing in several areas of Almeria airport.

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The tender process by AENA (Spanish Airports) and Air Navigation (Ático) to the adequacy of security fencing T-3, Norte estuary area and services in Almeria airport areas, succeeded last October, the proposal presented by our company GSA.

Almeria airport is one of the major players in the tourism potential of the province. Located in the heart of the Bay, eight kilometers from the city, is well connected with other tourist destinations in the province. During the 1990s, Almeria airport continued to grow to nearly one million passengers in 2000. To accommodate this demand, the passenger terminal building was remodeled in 1995, in 2002 the new terminal building was inaugurated goods and in 2009 the new building entered service outlets.


Now GSA will take over a work so necessary, in which our company has an experience that guarantees the quality of results and compliance with the commitment, both in execution and time materialized.