Guadaira Environmental Services, begins the commemoration of its 25th anniversary, and it does so by supporting one of the most important traditions of our culture: Sponsoring the spread of Easter Sevillana in different media and broadcasting.

Among the activities commemorating the 25th anniversary of GSA, our company has sponsored the program of Canal Sur - Radio: "The Caller," directed by Francisco José López de Paz, with Jose Manuel de la Linde and Antonio Cattoni. With more than two decades of history, again I review and analyze the Easter Sevillana.

También estábamos presente en la edición en papel y en digital, que con el mismo nombre, “El Llamador”, se distribuía el miércoles día 5 e Abril, en las instalaciones de Canal Sur Radio, durante una jornada solidaria, en la que las personas que se acercaron, dejaron leche para el Banco de Alimentos. 80.000 ejemplares, se han editado de esta guía de la Semana Santa de Sevilla, ilustrada con una imagen del Gran Poder, y en la que en el Miércoles Santo, junto a los itinerarios e información de las hermandades de “Las siete palabras” y “Los panaderos”, aparece la publicidad alusiva al 25 aniversario de GSA.

On the other hand, we have been present in the Holy Week broadcasts local TV of Los Palacios y Villafranca and Utrera local TV.

Holy Week in Los Palacios, is one of the most illustrious traditions of the city, being that most historical continuity has been commemorated since the first brotherhoods were founded in the sixteenth century.

On the other hand, Easter Utrera, is declared of Tourist Interest in Andalusia. Their processions are a religious and artistic heritage of the brotherhoods, which since the sixteenth century show recognition, devotion and faith that popular and spontaneous, maintained and respected as typical of Andalusian culture traditions. Uvitel broadcast TV this year also shared on Facebook, as well as in its online page, has reached more than 250,000 people, according to their statistics.

With these sponsorships, we have tried to assist in the dissemination and information about one of the most important events of the year in our province.

For both televisions, we have opted for an advertising spot that GSA specially chosen for the occasion, because it shows the true meaning of our future #fabricando, in this case children are the true reference of continuity, both of our customs and traditions , and of course, the future, which always bet Guadaira Environmental Services.