The company Guadaira Environmental Services, with Aborgase, Energy Southern Europe, Edifesa, Joly Group and DiArio de Sevilla, has participated in organizing the day of Circular Economy and Waste: "Challenges and Opportunities".

The conference, which was a resounding success and a great reception (attended by over 200 guests) became a meeting between administration, public managers, private managers and management systems sector to share experiences and create debate about expectations generated circular economy, the goals set, and how these will impact on the management being carried out.

Welcome he was in charge of D. Fernando Martinez Vidal, Director General of Prevention and Environmental Quality of the Junta de Andalucía, D. Alberto Grimaldi, Chief Economist of the group Joly D. Jose Caraballo, CEO of Aborgase Director.

The first paper on "Waste management in the context of circular economy", was by Mr. Leandro Sequeiros, Head of Waste and Soil Quality of the Ministry of Environment and Planning Board Andalusia.

Round "Challenges and Opportunities in Waste Management", Mesa It was attended by Dña. Virginia Pividal, Managing Director of Lipasam, D. Agustín Martínez, Manager Aborgase, D. Antonio Galan, Managing Director of the Agency for the Environment and Water of Andalusia, D. Juan Revilla, Vice President of the Association National Environmental Public Enterprises (ANEPMA) and José Luis Juaristi, Secretary General of the Technical Association for Waste Management and Environment (ATEGRUS)

After a pause, the day continued with the Round Table with the theme "Beyond Waste: energy, innovation and climate change", with the participation of D. Jorge Jimenez, Director of Energy Planning and Management in Public Administration. Andalusian Energy Agency, D. Arturo Caraballo, Manager Southern Europe Energy, Alberto Gómez, Professor, Department of Chemical and Environmental Engineering, D. Miguel Mendez, Head of Climate Change the Ministry of Environment and Planning of the Junta de Andalucía.

The last round of the conference table was held under the title "Environmental Education and Communication" and was Dña. Coral Rojas-Marcos, Area Manager Ecovidrio, D. Ricardo de Castro, Head of Environmental Education and Training the Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning of the Government of Andalusia, D. Ignacio Camuña, director of the Integrated Management System and Ms. Aborgase. Clara Navio, President of the Association of Environmental Information Journalists (APIA).

The three Roundtables were moderated by D. Alberto Grimaldi, Chief Economist of the Joly group.

The conference was closed by Ms. Carmen castreño, First Deputy Mayor of Seville and president of Lipasam, Alberto Grimaldi, Chief Economist of the Joly Group and José Caraballo, CEO of Aborgase.

The day ended with a cocktail and all attendees were presented with a memory of 50 years of ABORGASE and 25 years of GSA, which continues to promote activities and programs that promote recycling as a way to improve our quality of life. # 25añosfabricandofuturo