GSA Congratulates all its customers, suppliers and employees for the Day of Andalusia.

GSA Environmental Services Company, begins its way into the Sevillana province, where it has its headquarters. Soon he began working in the provinces of Cadiz and Huelva, starting the first phase of geographical development.

As was expanding by the national geography, in its second phase of expansion, GSA is implanted in the Malaga province with an important business venture; counting from 2014 with a delegation from the entire province is managed. From this headquarters in Malaga are opening new fronts in Western Andalusia, where they have won contracts in the provinces of Granada, Jaén and Almería.

GSA is currently focusing its efforts on two specific areas, with the conviction that they will spend their immediate future, it is glass and biowaste called.

Por una parte, en los contratos de recogida de vidrio, gestionados en su totalidad por el SIG (Sistema Integral de Gestión) ECOVIDRIO, GSA demuestra cada día ser un operador muy eficiente y extremadamente eficaz trabajando en diversas zonas de todo el territorio andaluz. Actualmente GSA Servicios Ambientales es concesionaria del servicio de recogida del vidrio en las provincias de Huelva, Cádiz, Sevilla y Granada, y su estrategia más inmediata pasa por incrementar estos servicios a otras provincias y capitales andaluzas.

For all the success in our land and our presence in all of Andalusia, we want to share with you our pride and satisfaction and wish you happy Feb. 28, the day of all Andalusians following #fabricandofuturo