Point Clean Mobile (PLM) is a vehicle ready for collection and transportation of special waste origin home until temporary storage facilities. A service that will be provided by GSA Environmental Services.

The service will consist in two van-type vehicles, 8 to 12 cubic meters capacity each suitably equipped to provide the service of special waste collection of home origin, which should not be mixed with other ordinary waste ( paper and cardboard, lightweight packaging, glass, and organic debris). The service is provided simultaneously on the two halves of the MMCSO per vehicle.

The eastern half MMCSO the form of the municipalities of Torremolinos, Benalmádena, Fuengirola, Mijas (Punto Fijo Fair), Marbella (excluding San Pedro de Alcántara). And the western half MMCSO the form of the municipalities of San Pedro de Alcántara, Ojen, Istan, Benahavis, Estepona (Punto Fijo Clean), Casares, Manilva.

The Admissible waste are as follows: Paint residues and solvents contaminated containers, batteries, vehicle batteries, mineral oils, vegetable oils, Radiographs, saving lamps and fluorescent WEEE: Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (TVs, PCs, appliances, power tools, mobile phones etc,), and small scrap metals, ink cartridges and small domestic furniture.

Ineligible Waste Clean Point Mobile They are: Organic waste from any source (domestic, commercial, etc.), paper and cardboard, light packaging, glass, textiles Waste, Bulky (furniture large), Rubble, construction waste and demolition (RCD), Wood , garden prunings, Tires and Drug Administration.

El servicio se prestará con cada vehículo siguiendo una ruta en cada municipio y un calendario con fechas y horas establecidas, consensuado entre la Mancomunidad, la empresa adjudicataria y los once Ayuntamientos que la constituyen. Finalizado el servicio por los distintos municipios, cada PLM se desplazará al Punto Limpio Fijo (P.L.F.) de su zona (Punto Limpio de Estepona para la zona occidental de la Mancomunidad y el Punto Limpio de Mijas para la zona oriental de la Mancomunidad) para la descarga y almacenamiento temporal de los residuos, siguiendo las instrucciones del operario del punto limpio de donde se depositará cada uno de ellos. Posteriormente se gestionarán cada residuo con el gestor autorizado correspondiente.

GSA professionals are more than qualified to manage this service is another step in our interest to continue #fabricandofuturo.