GSA has delivered the new wardrobe for their workers, presenting a makeover renovate and standardize the uniformity of his team.

GSA Environmental Services has provided its staff with new uniforms presented a makeover, renewing and homogenizing the uniformity of his team.

The company gave her new wardrobe last week. It is approved garments for performing different tasks carried out in the company. It has reflective elements that make it more visible to operators, especially those who work in the afternoon and evening shifts.

Pants, shirts and long-sleeved shirts showing the logo GSA on its front and rear, for those who have chosen, combined with the fluorescent yellow retro-reflective strips carrying the clothes, the Red-Bordeaux color, associated with vitality, confidence, courage and optimistic attitude. It is the color of success, victory and strength to achieve goals.

RV team has also released wardrobe in this case with retro-reflective strips has combined the dark green color. It symbolizes everything that makes up the nature, the environment and life.

Both decisions mark once again, the team spirit and overcoming GSA, its commitment to the environment and circular economy.