After the project Garden Organic garden in Argote school Molina de Sevilla by the company GSA, with different species of trees, herbs and plants from the garden, whose sowing students participated in the second cycle of early childhood education.

GSA has completed the ecological garden center Seville Argote de Molina earned by becoming the first first prize "Recycles and rule", organized by our company. Within the project, it has carried out the suitability of an area of ​​about eight square meters and has performed planting fruit trees as orange and lemon trees Lunarios.

Students have participated in planting species such as rosemary, lavender, parsley and other herbs. It has also proceeded to install a fence thirty meters in the area of ​​the garden, that limit planting peppers, eggplant, cabbage, cauliflower and other garden plants, horticultural telling the whole area with about seventy square meters.

All children who participated in the first step of this garden organic garden and enjoyed a great day with GSA technicians who have carried out the project.

From now responsible for caring for and manage both the garden and the garden will be the students themselves, who can develop without leaving the center, an important environmental activity.

The Argote de Molina, is the second cycle of child and has students 3, 4 and 5 years.

It is located in the Barrio del Rocío de Sevilla, whose social and economic configuration has changed in recent years, so a lot of students are children of immigrants, mainly South Americans and Moroccans.

With the completion of this new area that enjoy both students and teachers, GSA recognizes the efforts of an entire neighborhood, which won despite being the center with fewer students than those who participated in the contest, have the highest percentage of recycling cardboard and paper per student.