GSA Congratulates entire team and all citizens on World Environment Day, stressing the importance of the 3Rs: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

UNESCO declared 17 May as World Day for Recycling. GSA Environmental Services would like to take this day to recall the importance of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle, insisting on raising awareness of all citizens with a view to improving the environment and achieve greater emission reductions.

GSA Environmental Services, we are convinced that recycling saves our natural resources, reduce pollution and create jobs, so it is the best way to try to reverse climate change and actively contribute to the Circular Economy.

Recycling is a process which aims to turn waste into new products or materials for later use. GSA continue to work with citizens to recycle all useful waste, such as aluminum, plastic, glass, paper, cardboard and other recyclable waste completely. Decreasing thus, oil consumption, water, CO2 emissions and energy consumption, avoiding the generation of tons of garbage.

Together we start each day the recycling chain:

- Generation of waste and separation into different containers.

- planned and set collection.

- Transfer and transportation.

- Separation processing Solid Waste (MSW).

- Transformation of MSW by different processes.

- Recycling and reuse (including composting).

We wish you all Happy World Recycling Day, the conviction that together we will continue #fabricandofuturo.