GSA collaborated with the very ancient brotherhood of Veracruz and Utrera Entombment in their joint activity called "Operation Wheelbarrow".

GSA team members, told one of our vehicle, to participate in Operation Wheelbarrow, organized by the Brotherhood of the Veracruz and Utrera Entombment on Saturday 17 November.

Operation Wheelbarrow, is a joint activity carried out by the Brotherhood for years, and that is to explore different areas of the town, with a cortege composed of guild members and volunteers who are carrying the famous "fork" the musical contribution of the Band of Drums and Bugles of Veracruz and collaborators vehicles, all with the aim of collecting food and clothing to destine people most in need of Utrera.
The procession was leaving at 16:30 pm from the chapel of San Francisco and returned to the chapel at 20:30.

Since GSA we are pleased and honored, to participate in these events, which are an important support for the poorest families.