Concesur GSA recognizes the work of Environmental Services for its strong commitment to the environment.

The Concesur Group, echoes publicly GSA, as "company dedicated to the logistics of waste, which recently acquired 10 new tractors Mercedes-Benz with which to strengthen its fleet. With this purchase, and they are 25 the vehicles of the German mark with the company counts among industrial and commercial. "

Concesur presents GSA as "a company based in Seville that aims at preserving the environment, providing indispensable to maintain cleanliness in the capital of Andalusia and in other provinces of service. An indispensable tool for our community "support.

This firm commitment of GSA with the purchase of these new Mercedes is due to the firm line of the company with the environment: "Given our commitment to Circular economyThe main motivation for the purchase of these vehicles is the emission reduction through decreased fuel consumption of the vehicles. All this, coupled with our commitment to the implementation of the Certification Carbon Footprint in the company".

GSA highlights notable service from Concesur Group to reach this brand engagement: "The low level of breakdowns and good after-sales service weigh heavily in our decision to purchase these vehicles".

Guadaira Environmental Services is a company that turns 25 this 2018 fighting for the preservation of the environment in Seville and Andalusia. His role in the logistics of waste in recent years has been key to achieve a cleaner and pleasant city in which to live.

From its origins are linked to sustainable development, transport of compost derived from municipal waste. Gradually, it was expanding its services to include more management resources and separate collection, as well as promoting environmental work line.

The high level of involvement of its employees, its constant renewal every day to innovate and the great commitment shown throughout his career with the environment make GSA in one of the leading companies in the field of efficiency and professionalism in his work.