The main strength of GSA is an involved and versatile team comprising operators, technicians and management team with a wide experience in the field of environmental management, in which we operate, as well as an enormous flexibility and ability to face new activities. GSA has an extensive fleet of collection and transport vehicles and work machinery which provide a great capacity of operation and versatility.

The main areas of activity of GSA are the waste management and the environmental works.

Within the waste management, the transport and transfer of the urban solid waste, collection of the urban solid waste, packaging, paper, cardboard and glass are included as well as the management of other types of waste such as construction and demolition waste, hazardous waste, electrical and electronic devices, bulky and industrial waste, forestry residues and biomedical waste.

GSA, Guadaira Environmental Services. Is a company dedicated to providing services related to the environment, mainly to the management of all kinds of waste and the performance of works with and environmental component. Our customers are public administrations and both, large and small private companies, which are provided value thanks to our experience, professionalism, effectiveness and respect for the environment.

It is true that our origins have been linked to the management of the urban solid waste, primarily focused on transport and controlled landfills geographically located in Western Andalusia. However, our company has grown gradually by covering all stages in the value chain waste, managing all kinds of waste beyond urban solid waste and also, acquiring presence in other geographical regions.

The vision of our company, GSA, is to continue along these lines and to grow not only geographically but also in kinds of waste with a comprehensive management which will lead us to become leaders among the companies in our business sector.

The values which distinguish us from our competitors and are clearly perceived by our customers are:

  • Professionalism
  • Respect and compliance with the regulations presently in force
  • Effectiveness
  • Respect for the environment
  • Excitement and team involvement
  • Maximum flexibility and adaptation to each customer’s specific needs

Our operations centre is located in Alcalá de Guadaira where we have our equipped facilities. Besides, we have established offices in Seville and Marbella and also logistics centres with machinery, equipment and own vehicles spread throughout the Andalusian territory.

Within the environmental works, all kinds of works related to controlled landfills (construction, operation, closure, degassing and sheet installation), rural roads, works in the water infrastructure and forestry works and included.

GSA Environmental Services, Building the Future