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In the absence of one month to complete the First School Contest Paper Recycling organized by GSA, the two Sevillian schools compete every day building an ecological garden center for the winner.

Under the slogan "Recycle and Conquer", GSA, Guadaira Environmental Services, launches the First Contest School Paper Recycling, aimed at all schools. In order to sensitize the students on environmental issues and promote their role as future citizens, making them aware of the importance of recycling.

Seville Argote de Molina the center begins the week with 47.49 kg. Per pupil and Marie also Curier Seville with 31.42 kg. Per student. It is followed by J.J. Baquero of Los Palacios y Villafranca third and Maestro José Sanlucar de Barrameda Wise in fourth.

The contest ends next May 27 and can continue to control the ranking of each school collection in www.gsaserviciosambientales.comIn the "Recycles Contest and Conquer" tab.

The winner will be decided Centre taking into account the amount of paper collected in relation to the number of students.

The prize for the winning center will build an ecological garden, fully in charge of the company GSA. With planting by students, trees and plants and floral species. The garden will be held in the space decided by the school or failing in the place assigned by the Town Hall.

The center student winner will receive a gift kit includes wooden pencils, stickers and bracelets.

The "Recycle and Conquer" contest is part of the social awareness campaign called "Making Future" leading company just GSA, aware that there is no better way to learn something than showing it.