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June 5th, World Environment Day

With this video we offer a small sample of the vision of the company GSA on the importance of working every day to offer cleaner and more sustainable world a better place.
En él, se hace referencia al I Concurso Escolar de Reciclaje “Recicla y Vencerás”, que finalizaba el 27 de mayo, siendo ganador el centro sevillano “Argote de Molina”. Donde GSA construirá como premio, un jardín ecológico. Con este video que transmite claramente el espíritu de GSA, queremos desearos Feliz día del Medio Ambiente, a todos los que de alguna manera participáis en un proyecto en el que todos “Fabricamos Futuro”.

Engine GSA

Aiming to further humanize the relationship with its employees, the Seville company GSA industry leader specializing in the provision of related environmental services, organized last November 7 an open door, where workers and


“Building the future” is the slogan in which this social awareness campaign is concerned. That is why, we decided the best option was that the members of GSA team’s children would be the protagonists of the video. The idea was that all the children would appear on the screen performing their parents’ jobs due to every single day, they work to build a better future for their children.

GSA is dedicated to providing environmental services and we work to offer you a better, cleaner and more sustainable world each day.